General Questions

  1. Who is Amplifier?

    Amplifier handles merchandise for brands like Mailchimp, The Chive, Homestar Runner, Rooster Teeth Productions, Despair, Inc. and Glennz Tees to name a few. After years of making great merch for Internet rock stars, we asked ourselves, how can Amplifier bring our firepower to the masses? During SXSW 2011, we met up with Shopify and pitched an original merchandising app. They loved the idea and Merchify™ was born! Now the same industrial-strength merchandising machinery behind Amplifier is available to anyone with a Shopify store.

    But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Make your merch AWESOME!

  2. How quickly do you produce orders?

    We produce On Demand Merchify products within a commercially reasonable timeframe. Usually 2-5 business days. In cases of unusually high volume orders, additional time might be required.

    Note: You will need to add shipping transit time into your order to estimate when your packages will arrive.

  3. How do I know when you've produced and shipped my order?

    Merchify automatically updates your Shopify store with a Tracking number once the order ships.

  4. Do you accept returns/exchanges?

    Yes. If there are manufacturing defects, please contact us and we'll issue a credit refund or reprint the product at no charge. However, we won't be able to issue refunds if the product is printed correctly based on the image file. Please make sure you follow the artwork standards and specifications to ensure the highest quality artwork has been uploaded to Merchify.

  5. What if the recipient's address was incorrect?

    If the recipient's address was incorrect, then you, the merchant, are responsible. We will do our best to fix errors if notified immediately, but if the package has been shipped, then you will need to create another order.

    Any changes made in Shopify after the order data has been sent to our warehouse for fulfillment will not update in our system. The only way to make a change to an order within the time frame will be a phone call or through our contact form and if we can make the adjustment we will do so.

  6. What if I need to initiate an exchange for my customer?

    Since Merchify is an On Demand solution that allows you to carry no inventory, exchanges are not possible. If you receive inventory from a customer looking to exchange for another size or item, simply place a new order in your Shopify store with their address in the "Ship To" section. The order will then be processed, printed, and shipped to your customer. They will receive a new email notification letting them know their order is on the way.

  7. When does Merchify charge me?

    Merchify is free to install and use. We only charge you once we have produced and shipped your orders.

  8. What do Merchify products cost me?

    See the base price and shipping rates for each product in our products page.

  9. Does Merchify send a bill to my customers?

    Your customers won't receive a bill from us. We bill directly to the credit card you have on file with Merchify. We only charge items once they have been shipped from our warehouse.

  10. How does Merchify know when a customer has purchased an item from my store?

    Merchify is connected to your Shopify store. Each product created in Merchify contains a Fulfillment attribute for each variant. If that is set to "merchify" then we will produce the item.

    If a new order comes in and the order status is "paid" then you will receive an email notification from Merchify showing that we will begin production on your product.

  11. Are there any import taxes, customs duties, or fees?

    Orders shipped outside of the United States may incur fees. The recipient is responsible for complying with all laws and regulations of the destination country. Import taxes, customs duties, and fees are not included in the item price or shipping cost. Please check with your country's customs office for more information.

  12. How much money will I make?

    The beauty of Merchify is that you control how much money you make. Some folks just want to break even, while others want to earn large margins, it's all up to you. You control the price. And No matter how much you choose to make, you'll never have to build or manage a single piece of inventory.

  13. What about Sales Tax?

    An out-of-state seller that has no physical presence in Texas and conducts business in the state only by telephone, Internet, catalog sales, or through shipments by common carrier or the U.S. mail is not engaged in business in Texas and has no responsibility to collect and remit state or local Texas taxes. Businesses already "engaged in Business" in Texas must furnish Merchify with proof of existing Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate and are responsible for collecting Sales Tax (currently 8.25%) on orders with a Texas *ship-to* address. Merchants should check with a local tax advisor to understand the full implications of selling products online that are manufactured in and shipped from the State of Texas.

  14. What kind of security does Merchify use?

    Merchify processes your card using industry-leading providers Authorize.net and Chargify. They both have earned PCI-Level 1 certification, the highest standard for security available.

  15. What if an order later turns out to be fraudulent?

    You, the merchant, are responsible to ensure that you are not sending us fraudulent orders to produce. We cannot assume any liability for making and shipping orders that turn out later to be fraudulent. If you are experiencing problems with fraud, we strongly recommend you explore one of Shopify’s many fraud-prevention apps like Subuno.

  16. What if I need to make a change or cancel an order after it has already been sent to Merchify?

    After an order has been sent to Merchify from your store any changes made in your Shopify store will not translate into our system. There is a small window where we are able to make any changes to or cancel an order before it has gone too far in the production process to be stopped. Your two options to edit an order are as follows:

    • Contact us and be sure to include your order number.
    • Call us at 1-855-Merchify, International Customers please use 1-512-684-5998.

    If we are still within the possible time window, we will make the change order immediately, but if the order has gone too far in the production process, we are unable to stop it. If this happens, the order will be shipped and you will be charged the base prices for the items. Obviously, the sooner you can let us know the better chance we have of being able to change or stop the order.

  17. Still have more questions?

    Feel free to contact us at 1-855-Merchify (international customers please use 1-512-684-5998) or use our contact form.

Shipping Related Questions

  1. Which carriers do you use?

    We use DHL GlobalMail for both domestic and international shipments.

  2. What shipping options do you offer?

    At this moment we only offer standard shipping.

    • Shipping to United States - 2 to 7 business days. 92% of our orders are delivered within 4 business days.
    • Shipping to International - 2 to 5 weeks. Delivery may be delayed by customs / import duties and local postal procedures.
  3. What are your shipping rates?

    Most items will fall into the following:

    • Shipping to United States - $5 first item, $2 each additional.
    • Shipping International - $8 first item, $3 each additional.

    Note: Canvas, framed posters and hoodies will include surcharges - refer to the products page for details.

    The easiest way to set up your Shipping Rates in your Shopify store for Merchify items is through a weight based shipping table. Your Shipping Rates can be found under the settings tab in your Shopify store. Once there you can add your rates on the right by increments of .5lb.

    An example table would look like this:

    • International Shipping - 0.0 - 0.5lb = $8.00 (price for 1 item shipping)
    • International Shipping - 0.6 - 1.0lb = $11.00 (price for 2 items shipping on an order)
    • Domestic Shipping - 0.0 - .5lb = $5.00 (price for 1 item shipping)
    • Domestic Shipping - 0.6 - 1.0 = $7.00 (price for 2 items shipping on an order)

    You, the merchant, are responsible to ensure you have configured your Shopify freight rates accordingly. We recommend you periodically check to ensure you're charging enough.

  4. Do you provide tracking numbers?

    Yes, once we have produced an item Merchify will update your Shopify store with a tracking number *.

    * For International shipments, online tracking numbers will only be available for destination in Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada.

  1. What files types are accepted?

    We only accept .PNG, .JPG, or .JPEG. Please use our PSD templates on the products page to design your artwork. When it is ready, you can save the file as .PNG or .JPG.

  2. What is the max file size limit that I can upload?

    You can upload up to 50 MB for each image.

  3. When I upload my artwork, why is it too small?

    To ensure the best quality work, we baseline your image to 300 DPI (dots per inch). Please use our PSD or AI templates on the products page to guarantee the artwork resolution is correct.

  4. Should my artwork be in RGB or CMYK?

    We recommend setting your artwork in RGB. Our printers will calibrate your RGB artwork correctly to match the printer profile. We are not responsible for artwork uploaded in CMYK that may result in inaccurate colors within the final product.

  5. Can I upload transparent PNGs?

    Yes. But images that are not 100% transparent will print out blurry or produce a "halo" effect. Our system will force any semi-transparent region to their closest color. If you're unsure, upload your image in our design tool and the preview rendered will best represent what your product will look like.

  6. What if I don't have Photoshop, can I still design my own merchandise?

    Yes, you can upload up to 3 images in our design tool to create the perfect t-shirt, mug, poster, etc!

Product Related Questions

  1. Can I print on the back of the T-Shirt?

    Currently Merchify only allow printing on the front of t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies.

  2. How are Mousepads made?

    Merchify prints an inverse image using Dye-Sublimation inks and then heat presses your artwork onto a white blank.

Miscellaneous Questions

  1. Seriously, are you just a few guys in a room taking my orders and sending them off to others?

    Many of our competitors do just that. They simply collect orders and broker production out to the lowest bidder. Not so with Amplifier. We manufacturer and personalize products, then pick/pack orders and ship them all from our 90,000 sq/ft warehouse. Inside of our plant, Amplifier perform the following:

    • Runs multiple 10+ color automatic screen print lines
    • Produces Direct-to-Garment goods on premium DTG printers (On-Demand & Personalized Low Volume Apparel Printing)
    • Prints Dye-Sublimation Goods (Mugs, Mousepads,etc.)
    • Cranks out HP-Indigo-based Print-on-Demand products (Calendars, Posters, Laptop Skins, Vinyl Clings, etc.)

    We've produced and shipped literally millions of original products from our headquarters in Austin, Texas. And though we're makers, we run our warehouse using the very same logistics systems that Wal-Mart uses in many of their distribution centers.

  2. How does Amplifier differ from other On-Demand Merchandise solutions?

    Amplifier is a service provider, not a retailer. You are the store owner, not us. You have done the hard work of attracting customers, you deserve to keep them! We make your life easier, by helping you sell great branded merchandise without the hassle of fulfillment or inventory. Our name says everything you need to know about us. We exist to amplify YOU. That's our mission and we're sticking to it.

  3. Additional Questions?

    If you still haven't found an answer to your question, don't fret. Our friendly and knowledgable support crew can help. Let them know your question through the contact form and they'll get back to you promptly. Or feel free to contact us at 1-855-Merchify (international customers please use 1-512-684-5998).