How it Works

Merchify™ integrates with your Shopify Store

Most apps enable you to optimize your ecommerce. Merchify™ literally straps a full-scale merchandise production and distribution platform to your Shopify store! It almost sounds too good to be true, but Merchify™ enables you to easily sell original merchandise WITHOUT ever carrying inventory. And unlike many popular on-demand solutions, Merchify™ lets You keep your own customers! You just bring great designs and tons of orders, Merchify handles the rest.

Step 1: Install Merchify™

If you're already using Shopify, install Merchify here or through the Shopify App Store.

Don't have a shopify store? Create a free test store.

Installing Merchify

Step 2: Create your Merchandise

With the app installed, you are ready to create your first product!

  • Select the product you want to sell (T-Shirt, Poster, etc).
  • Choose an original SKU for your new product.
  • Give the product a description (e.g. My awesome new shirt).
  • Upload high-resolution artwork (PNG or JPG).
  • Set your price and control your profit margins.
  • Save the product.

Also view our Products page for additional information on artwork requirements and size/dimension.

Step 3: Publish to Shopify

Once you save your Merchify product, we automatically push that product into Shopify and you're ready to start selling!

Note: All new Merchify products are "hidden" and do not belong to a collection in Shopify. You will need to login to Shopify, change the visibility, and add the product to a collection.

Amplifier Store

Step 4: Processing Orders

Whenever anyone orders one of your Merchify products, we produce and ship it on your behalf, usually the next business day. We even upload a shipping confirmation number back into Shopify to let your customers track* their order.

Note: We do not bill your customers. The bill will process through your Merchify account. This enables you, the store owner to setup your own shipping prices and control your profit margins.

* For International shipments, online tracking numbers will only be available for destination in Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Email Notifications

Merchify will notify you when the following events has occurred.

  • New Orders - This will contain an order number, customer's billing and shipping address, and the item(s) purchased.
  • Shipping Confirmation - When a tracking number is produced, we will relay that information to Shopify. If your shipping confirmation setting is enabled in Shopify, then your customer will also receive the tracking number.

Still have more questions?

Check out our FAQ page for more information. We also have a dedicated support staff ready to answer your questions.

Feel free to contact us at 1-855-Merchify (637-2443) or use our contact form.